Mazda6 Dashboard Symbols

Keeping up with regular maintenance and service is the best way to maintain your car. Intelligent vehicles like the Mazda6 feature a series of helpful dashboard lights to let you know when to schedule maintenance.

But how do you know what each light means? Blue and green lights mean that a system like cruise control is working, but what about when something isn’t working?

Ocean Mazda put together this 2018 Mazda6 dashboard symbols guide to help drivers in Doral, Miami, and Kendall know what to look out for.

Yellow Indicator Lights

Yellow lights on your dashboard are meant to alert you of a malfunction. While they are not always urgent or dangerous, you should schedule service right away before they become bigger problems. Some important yellow indicator lights to look out for are:

  • Wrench Indicator Light – When you see this icon appear on your dashboard, it means that your car has reached a maintenance milestone and you should schedule your next routine service appointment.


  • ABS Indicator lightABS Warning – This light means that there’s been a malfunction with your anti-lock brake system. You can still stop safely using your regular brakes, but you should get this critical safety system fixed as soon as possible.


  • Power Steering Malfunction – This light looks like your steering wheel with an exclamation point next to it. It means that your car won’t be as responsive to your steering. It is not safe to continue driving if this light is on.


  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System – All of your tires, including your spare, have their air pressure monitored by this system. If any of them are low, you’ll see this light. Check the air in all your tires. If it’s low and the tire isn’t damaged, add air. If none of them are low on air it might mean that system is malfunctioning.


  • Check Engine – Your Check Engine light looks like a side view of your engine. It means there’s a problem with your engine. Do not drive at high speeds if this light comes on.

Red Warning Lights

A red dashboard light is a more severe warning. They should be dealt with immediately. Some of the most serious red warning lights that require service include:

  • Red dashboard indicator Brake System Warning – A red light that shows a circle with an exclamation mark inside is not one you want to ignore. It means that your main brake system has malfunctioned. It is not safe to drive with faulty brakes. Stop the car and call for a tow truck immediately.


  • Air Bag/Front Seat Belt Pretensioner System Warning – This light looks like a person sitting in a chair with a circle in front of them. It means that your airbag system or your seatbelt pretensioners are malfunctioning, and either may active at random times, or not activate during an accident.


  • Charg ing System Warning – A light that looks like your car battery represents a problem with your alternator or electrical system. Don’t continue driving if this light is on, because your car may suddenly shut itself off.


  • Engine Oil Warning – If your car is severely low on oil, you’ll see this light that looks like an old-Dashboard Mazda6fashioned oil can. Stop the car and schedule a routine oil change to get your levels right again.


  • High Engine Coolant Temperature Warning – This light looks like a thermometer floating on some waves. It means that your engine is in danger of overheating. It flashes when the coolant temperature is too high, then remains solid if it gets any higher. Turn your engine off right away and let it cool down. More coolant will need to be added by a service technician.

Maintaining Your Mazda

If you notice any of the lights featured in this 2018 Mazda6 dashboard symbols guide, schedule service with Ocean Mazda. We are proud to provide drivers in Doral, Miami, and Kendall with a reliable and trusted service center.