Mazda3 vs Mazda6

When you’re looking for a new ride to cruise the streets of Doral, Miami, Hialeah, and Kendall, you need a vehicle that will reliably get you where you need to go in style. A sedan is the ideal choice for their exceptional mix of performance and luxury. While they may seem plain, sedans are actually the most popular class of car in the country. This, however, has led to an extremely competitive market, which can make finding the right sedan challenging.

Two of the best options are the 2017 Mazda3 and the 2017 Mazda6. These impressive sedans both have a lot to offer as all Mazda cars do, but only one can be right for you. Learn more about the difference between these two impressive cars in this Mazda3 vs. Mazda6 comparison from the team at Ocean Mazda for drivers in Doral and Miami.


If you have the need for speed, either of these sedans will do. While the base level Mazda3 boasts an impressive 155 horsepower, it doesn’t quite compare to the Mazda6’s 184 horsepower. If you want a Mazda3 with that much power, opt for the Grand Touring trim, which has the same engine as the Mazda6 along with its accompanying 184 horsepower.

Considering how much power these sedans can produce, their fuel economy is quite impressive. For the 2017 Mazda6 Sport, the base level, it can produce an EPA-estimiated 26 city/35 highway MPG.As if that wasn’t impressive already, you can get even more fuel economy from the 2017 Mazda3 Sport, which is an EPA-estimated 28 city/37 highway MPG.2


One of the main reasons drivers would get a sedan over a coupe is due to their increased interior space. While not as spacious as a crossover, these two sedans feature plenty of room inside for passengers and cargo. The Mazda3 is slightly roomier in terms of headroom, with 38.6 inches in the front and 37.6 inches in the back, compared to the Mazda6. Inside the 2017 Mazda6, you’ll find 37.4 inches of front headroom and 37.1 inches of rear headroom. In contrast, rear passengers in the 2017 Mazda6 can enjoy more legroom at 38.7 inches, compared to the 35.8 inches in the Mazda3.

If you plan on hauling more cargo than people, the Mazda6 has more space at 14.8 cubic feet, compared to the Mazda3’s 12.4 cubic feet. The 2017 Mazda6 was designed to present a more luxurious and convenient experience as a premium sedan. You can enjoy dual power front seats, a standard navigation system, and front and rear air conditioning—not available in the Mazda3.


No matter which of these sedans you choose, you can enjoy some of the latest technology. Both feature the standard MAZDA CONNECT™ infotainment system. Through this full-color LCD touchscreen, you have access to all your music, navigation, messaging, calling, and more.

If you prefer physical controls rather than a touchscreen, the 2017 Mazda3 is the best choice for you. It features a multifunction commander control knob, which is conveniently located where your right arm would rest while you drive. This allows you to maintain greater concentration on the road while you navigate your infotainment system.

2017 MAZDA3 VS 2017 MAZDA6

Whether the Mazda3 or the Mazda6 would be better for you depends on what you expect from your sedan. If you want luxury and style, the Mazda6 is the clear choice, but if you want efficiency and simplicity, the Mazda3 is the way to go. Regardless of your preference, you can’t fully understand what these incredible sedans can offer without experiencing them for yourself.

If you live in the Doral, Miami, Hialeah, or Kendall area, come down to Ocean Mazda to see these sedans in person. Our friendly team is happy to show you the ins and outs of each one. Visit us, or call us to schedule your test drive today!


1 Up to an EPA-estimated 26 city/35 highway MPG for 2017 Mazda6 Sport and Touring models with automatic transmission. Manual transmission models, 24 city/34 highway MPG. Actual results will vary.


2 Up to an EPA-estimated 28 city/37 highway MPG for 2017 Mazda3 Sport 4-Door models with automatic transmission. Sport 4-Door models with manual transmission, 27 city/37 highway MPG. Actual results will vary.