Mazda6 Dashboard Symbols

Your dashboard is the central location to see everything that’s happening in your car. It uses symbols and color codes to simplify the information, but that can be stressful and confusing if you’re unsure what they mean.

For your convenience, the team at Ocean Mazda in Doral compiled all the information on what the many symbols and colors that you’ll find on your 2017 Mazda6 dashboard mean.


Mazda’s color coding system gives the driver an idea of what action should be taken. Green or blue lights mean the system is on. Yellow means that something should be checked for malfunctions. Examples include the engine icon (Check Engine), ABS, the wrench icon for maintenance, the exclamation point for tire pressure and the steering wheel for power steering.

Red lights indicate that you should stop driving and have your vehicle checked or serviced by an authorized dealer or repair shop. Master Warning Light, Charging System Light, Engine Oil Pressure Light, Brake Warning Light, High Engine Coolant Temperature Light and Charging System Malfunction Light are all examples.


Many of the dashboard lights will illuminate when the ignition is on, and usually turn off once the car starts. These include the Parking Brake Warning Light, ABS, Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light and Check Engine Light.

Any light that illuminates after the car is moving may indicate a problem in its respective system, like the brake system lights.

Flashing lights indicate a possible system malfunction. Examples include the KEY Warning Light, the Electronic Steering Lock Warning Light, the Security Indicator Light, TCS/DSC Indicator Light, the BSM OFF Indicator Light and the Hazard Warning Indicator Lights.


Never drive with any of the system warning lights illuminated. Contact your dealership or authorized repair shop to check the vehicle. These warning lights indicate possible malfunctions in critical systems, so ignoring them could be extremely dangerous.

Some warning lights, such as the ABS Warning Light or Air Bag/Front Seat Belt Pretensioner System Warning Light, could indicate that a system will not function properly in the event of a collision. These issues must be addressed quickly as well.

“Low level” indicator lights alert you to low levels in areas like fuel, oil pressure and washer fluid, and indicate that you should check the levels and replace the fluids as soon as possible.

The remaining lights are used to let you know that systems are on. Cruise control, turn signals, high-beam headlights, shift position and seat belt indicator lights all illuminate to indicate that these functions are on or in use.


If you live in the Doral, Miami, Hialeah, or Kendall areas and any lights illuminate on your Mazda6’s dashboard that you don’t understand, feel free to call or stop by Ocean Mazda in Doral. We have a full-service repair shop ready to meet your needs. If your dashboard lights indicate that your 2017 Mazda6 requires service and maintenance, schedule your appointment or bring your Mazda in today! 

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