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It’s rather easy to look at the automobile’s transmission fluid level, and you ought to carry this out roughly once a month. To acquire the most precise reading, you should check the transmission and see if you need to replace it while the engine is running after the car is both warmed up and parked on a smooth surface.


  1. Uncover the dipstick beneath the hood. The handle is commonly a vibrant shade, usually yellow. For anyone who is not sure where to find the dipstick, look at your user’s guidebook.
  2. Remove the stick, clean it, replace it, and then remove it for the second time.
  3. You can find markings for hot or cold. Check the reading for hot. In case it is not full, gently refill the supply just a little at a time with fluid and continue to appraise the amount by making use of the dipstick. Use a funnel and put the liquid straight into the gap from the spot where you pulled the dipstick.
  4. Once you’re done refilling, replace the dipstick. After several moments, remove it to ensure you’ve precisely refreshed the transmission fluid amount.
  5. Whenever inspecting one’s transmission fluid, don’t forget to observe its tone. Transmission fluid should be pinkish-red in color. If the fluid happens to be brown, this is an indication there might be something wrong concerning the vehicle. If this sounds like the actual situation, you’ll want to make an appointment at Ocean Mazda.


If you find that the fluid amount is unusual or decreased, or perhaps you discover that your car is not running as well as it usually does, you should then check for any transmission fluid leak. Luckily, this test can be conducted quickly and easily.

  1. Place a sizeable bit of cardboard under the car when it’s not running.
  2. Start the car and wait a couple of moments for the engine to get warm.
  3. Pay attention to all recognizable reddish-colored or brown marks on the piece of cardboard.

If you notice such stains on the cardboard, your car or truck likely has a fluid leak. You can certainly treat this concern at the local auto service center near Doral, Miami, and Hialeah at Ocean Mazda.


The transmission is a fundamental part of your car or truck, and it’s good to treat it as such. You can make sure your car or truck, as well as your transmission, continues to be in working order by getting your routine maintenance performed consistently at Ocean Mazda in Doral, Florida.

Our team of talented automotive professionals is well equipped to deal with all your car’s upkeep and service needs, whether you need a transmission fluid flush, transmission repair, replacement, or even an oil change.

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