What is a “Sleeper” Car?

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If you want to drive a powerful car that no one sees coming around the Doral, Hialeah, and Kendall areas, you’ll probably love the thrill of sitting behind the wheel of the Mazda6. This is a true sleeper car that closely guards the secret of its turbocharged engine behind a refined everyday exterior. Learn more about sleeper cars below, as well as the power and style the Mazda6 brings to the greater Miami area roadways.

What is a Sleeper Car?

Put plainly, a sleeper car is a vehicle the delivers high-powered performance while sporting a humble exterior. To put it another way, this is a car that looks like your standard everyday ride but packs the punch of higher performance levels you’d expect from a flashier sports car. This term comes from the concept of sleeper agents, who blend into the crowd inconspicuously until they’re called upon to act. And when it’s time to act, these cars absolutely have a reputation for delivering. One popular model currently on the market—that’s not quite inconspicuous but is still surprisingly powerful—is the Mazda6, which hides its power underneath a refined KODO exterior.

Mazda6 Exterior

To be clear, the Mazda6 is a head-turning midsize sedan. It features the Mazda KODO: Soul of Motion Design philosophy, meaning it’s sculpted to capture the essence of movement, like a wild animal in full chase.  This style of design truly brings the Mazda6 to life. Even when it’s standing still, it evokes a sense of movement with sinewy lines that imply agility, while a low stance, contoured hood, and tapered roofline create a distinctly windswept look.

Mazda6: Sleeper Car Powertrain

What’s unexpected about the Mazda6 is that, under its carefully sculpted hood, it’s packing a powerhouse of an engine. It comes standard with a SKYACTIV®-G 2.5L I-4 engine that delivers 187 horsepower and 186 lb-ft of torque. With cylinder deactivation technology, this engine can keep your fuel economy high at an EPA-estimated 26 MPG city and 35 MPG highway.1 However, if you want to get the full impact of this sleeper car, you need to try it outfitted with the available SKYACTIV®-G 2.5T Dynamic Pressure Turbo I-4 engine. This delivers an impressive 250 horsepower on 93 octane fuel and 227 horsepower with 87 octane fuel. It also produces 310 lb-ft of torque. It’s paired with a SKYACTIV®-Drive 6-speed automatic transmission that provides the real feel of a manual and the smooth-shifting efficiency of an automatic. Still, when more control is desired, you can use the manual-shift feature to take full command of your driving experience. If you crave an even sportier drive, switch into Sport mode to enjoy a more dynamic performance. When you take a tight corner in this sleeper car, you’ll also have SKYACTIV®-VEHICLE DYNAMICS with G-Vectoring Control to smooth out your ride and prevent fatigue. This works by adjusting power delivery and shifting vehicle weight throughout the turn to subtly reduce how gravity affects passengers inside. The result? When you get off the track after a long race, you’re more likely to be energized and ready for whatever comes next.

Test Out this Sleeper Car for Yourself

If you want to get the full feel for what a sleeper car can do, come to Ocean Mazda in the greater Miami area. We’ll get you behind the wheel and show you what the Mazda6 can bring to your drives around Doral, Hialeah, and Kendall. Contact us to schedule your test drive today!   1EPA-estimated mileage. Actual results will vary.


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